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Wattley Discus Show Tank Update

by | May 3, 2017 | 2 comments

We wanted to give you a show tank update. This tank features a pair of Leopards, Altums, German Bubble Rams, SAEs, Tetras, Bush Nose Plecos (Albino), and Otos. They are in our 130 Gallon Show Tank with Turface MVP, and Worm Castings from Walt Organic Fertilizers.

The pair of Leopards have been chasing the other fish during their breeding cycle. They are a young pair and have proven themselves good parents. Maybe it is time to separate the Leopard pair. They are driving the other fish nuts with all their wigglers….

show tank blue light at wattley discus
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  1. Joe Schmitt

    I love your Leopard discus! Just as amazing are your Altum Angels! I would die for this tank, and I’m in Florida. Thx for your consideration JWD!!!


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