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Shipping Tropical Fish From Jack Wattley Discus

Shipping To Your Door

All of our door-to-door orders are sent by FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS. The shipping costs are according to Zones (see the map for the Zone your state is in). We ship from Miami and all our orders arrive the next day.

For the cities within Florida Panhandle, the shipping charge is $70.00 for live fish orders as UPS charges an additional fee.

Door-To-Door is $42.00 for all packages shipped within the State of Florida (except the Panhandle)

Zone 4: Door-To-Door $98.00  (Except The Florida Panhandle)  |  To Your Nearest Airport $67.00
Zone 5: Door-To-Door $111.00  |  To Your Nearest Airport $67.00
Zone 6: Door-To-Door $112.00  |  To Your Nearest Airport $67.00
Zone 7: Door-To-Door $118.00  |  To Your Nearest Airport $67.00
Zone 8: Door-To-Door $121.00  |  To Your Nearest Airport $67.00

Shipping To Your Nearest Airport

If you would like to have your order shipped to your nearest airport, the flat rate fee is always $67.00 all inclusive. We will email you the details of your carrier, flight, and arrival time. You must pick up the order from the airline’s cargo receiving office when it arrives.

Arrive Alive and Healthy Guarantee

We will replace or refund any discus that arrives DOA or unhealthy. All of our discus fish are individually bagged, triple bagged, and stapled for added protection.The shipping box will be insulated with heat or cold packs depending on your your climate. The box will also be lined with heavy duty plastic on the inside.

If any of the fish in your order arrive DOA, please take a picture of them and email them to sales@wattleydiscus.com. If you need assistance with any part of your shipment, please call us at the hatchery and will are more than happy to help.

We have been doing this for over two decades and we don’t lose many fish. But we are committed to establishing long-term clients and will make sure you are happy you chose Jack Wattley Discus for your order.

Important Details About Your Shipment

Please DO NOT OPEN THE BOX or any of the bags until your fish are next to their new home (your fish tank). Follow the directions from the article Acclimating Tropical Fish and watch the video we have created.

Billing / Shipping Addresses

If you wish to have your item(s) shipped to an address other than your billing address, please be aware that your order may require additional verification and may be subject to processing delays. We recommend allowing extra time for order fulfillment when shipping to an alternate address. If you have any questions about your order verification please feel free to contact our customer service department.

Shipping Tropical Fish Zone Map at Wattley Discus
Bagging Process Wattley Discus

How We Bag Our Fish For Shipping

Click here to learn more about our process for bagging the fish, and preparing them for shipment. Find out what we do to ensure your fish make it into your tank alive and well!

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