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560 Gallon Tank Rebuild

by | Jul 11, 2017 | 4 comments

550 Gallon Discus Tank

An All Day Love Affair

Gabriel Posada and JJ arrived early in the morning with plants, discus, and vision. They removed over 16 buckets of debris and then raised the level of the substrate for proper lighting for the lower plants.

What Happened?

The main plants are Anubius but some dwarf Sag and other plants were added. They reconfigured the Nine 48 Inch Finnex LEDs so that morning and evening simulate a regular sunrise and sunset.

What’s In The Tank?

They added 500 Cardinal Tetras and 300 Phantom Tetras.
They added 15 German Rams.
They added 12 large 6-7 Inch Discus

Where Is The Beast

This tank is setup at the Good Samaritan Dental Implant Institute in West Palm Beach Florida

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  1. Frederick Cotterell

    Sweet tank Gabe!.

  2. Jason Ciminelli

    Gabe this tank looks so sweet! I LOVE IT.
    I do have a question and that is….. Can 2 inch discus juvies be put into a large tank like 180 gallons or more? or do I need to put them into “grow out tanks” until they are full grown before introducing into such a large tank? At what point can discus fish be put into such a large space?


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