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Client’s 330 Gallon Planted Discus Fish Tank

by | Dec 26, 2016 | 0 comments

330 Gallon Planted Discus Fish Tank

Our Clients, Rafael and Ivette from Hialeah Florida sent us this brief video of their 330 Gallon Planted Discus Fish Tank.

It is so rewarding to see our hybrid discus fish doing so well. These discus are 7 to 9 Inches in length.

The video displays the amazing variety of plants with a healthy use of background and foreground dynamics. Also notice the color varieties and unique match of plant to discus color. All of these discus are from our hatchery in Florida.

Relax and enjoy the eye candy.


Oh…and don’t forget to stop by our Shop Page to view our inventory at the Florida hatchery.

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