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Client’s 280 Gallon Discus Fish Tank

by | Dec 15, 2016 | 7 comments

Our Client, Zaman Jaman

He is the owner of Lal Mirch Restaurants.

Recently he setup a 280 Gallon discus fish tank and filled it with Wattley Discus!

The video shows a trip down to the Burbank California airport to receive his discus fish and then the startup of his tank. It finishes with the tank fully established after two full months. Notice the vibrant colors and the health of the discus fish.

Relax and enjoy the eye candy.


Oh…and don’t forget to stop by our Shop Page to view our inventory at the Florida hatchery.

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  1. Karen

    NICE, what are the tetra looking fish with yellow tail called?

  2. Linus

    What’s the temperature of the tank? It’s not too warm for the angels or rainbowfish?

    The yellow discus are gorgeous. Maybe they can be bred to look like Addis Butterflyfish (Chaetodon semilarvatus)?

    • Gabe Posada

      84-86F this is normal temp for discus and the community fish also can handle this temp.

  3. paul

    Beautiful tank Zaman.Is the one blue discus a blue snakeskin

    • Gabe

      Thank you! The blue are Cobalt and Leopards

  4. Rob

    Amazing fish! What are the orange looking discus called? They have amazing colors! Do you use any specific lighting? Thanks- http://www.discusguy.com


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