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The Best Food for your Discus Fish

by | Mar 30, 2023 | 1 comment

Meet Jack Wattley Discus – a company that specializes in breeding and selling discus fish. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at their daily work ethic and the equipment they use in their new warehouse. We’ll also learn about their beef heart formula, which is a staple food for their discus fish, and their plans for creating more color-enhancing formulas.

Gabe, from Jack Wattley Discus, welcomes us to their new warehouse, where they store all the fish they produce. He thanks their customers for keeping them busy with plenty of orders. Gabe then takes us through the daily work ethic, which involves using new machines to make the process easier.

Gabe shows us how they use a large food processor to create their beef heart formula. The food processor has five blades that go at a high speed and can handle up to 50 pounds. Gabe puts in garlic, summer, spinach, and carrots, followed by 30 pounds of meat. He mixes everything for three to four minutes, being careful not to let the friction from the blades cook the meat. Once everything is mixed, Gabe adds krill meal until he achieves the desired texture. The beef heart formula is complete and ready to be weighed out.

The beef heart formula is a well-rounded meal that includes salmon, beef heart, krill meal, multivitamins, garlic, spinach, and roughage. Jack Wattley Discus has been using this formula for their fish for a long time and believes it’s one of the better feeds available. The cost-effectiveness of the formula makes it the cheapest way to go, too.

Gabe recommends feeding the fish multiple things to prevent them from getting finicky. Still, the beef heart formula is an excellent way to provide the fish with the nutrition they need every day. The formula is high in protein, roughage, and other essential nutrients that keep the fish healthy and promote growth.

In the future, Jack Wattley Discus plans to create more color-enhancing formulas. They’ll start with a red variety for red discus, a yellow formula made with squid meal for yellow discus, and a general formula with spirulina for blue discus. Gabe assures us that every time they make a new formula, they’ll show us how to do it ourselves, so we can buy the ingredients from them and make it ourselves if we want to. They plan to make these formulas available in the very near future.

Jack Wattley Discus is dedicated to bringing us lots of videos and information to make us feel comfortable with our hobby. They want us to enjoy it and know how to take care of our discus fish properly. With their well-rounded beef heart formula and future color-enhancing formulas, we can trust that our fish will thrive under their care.

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1 Comment

  1. Rene Vanmulem

    I have followed your videos for the past several years. Look forward to all of your future discus wisdom.


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