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We are sending a huge order of our Wilds to Wattley Discus our exclusive distributor in the United States. These Discus are Show Quality and the Best Discus fish we have.  Below is a partial list of what we are shipping.

His current price list is on his website Click Here To View

Vitor Hugo Quaresma

Santarem Discus

Red Cuipeua 14-16 cm
Red Cuipeua  Royal 14-16 cm
Red Cuipeua 12-13 cm 35 usd
Red Cuipeua Royal  12-13 cm
Super Red Cuipeua Royal 14-16 cm
Super Red Cuipeua 14-16 cm
Yellow Xingu  14-16 cm
Monte Alegre   14-16 cm
Monte Alegre Royal  14-16 cm
Trombetas Salomon  XXL – 15-20 cm
Trombetas Salomon  XXL – 15-20 cm
Trombetas Royal 14-16 cm
Heckel Blue with 14 -16 cm
Heckel Blue with 12 -13 cm
Nhamunda Guariba 14-16
Heckel Blue 14-15 cm
Trombetas Big size
Cuipeua Royal 15-16 cm
Red Cuipeua 15-16 cm
Lago Grande Semi Royal 14-15 cm
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