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Acclimating Wild Discus To A 180 Client Tank In N.Y.

by | Feb 22, 2017 | 2 comments

Our client from N.Y. acclimating wild discus

A second group he received a month after the first group.

Specs for the tank:

two Fluval fx6 canisters, two Fluval fx6 canisters, the rocks are fakes done by Universal Rocks out of Texas, and the wood is manzanita. The plants are silk cheapies from PetSmart.  I do 2 30% water changes weekly (plumbed and fully automated system with 100gal. aging barrel in basement) and vac sand once a week. Filters get cleaned every 6 weeks

His wild discus are:

8 Wilds of unknown strain and now 4 Wild Tefes.  There is also a school of about 70-80 cardinals.


I feed twice daily, in the morning Omega one marine pellets and in the evening freeze dried blackworms that contain spinach, spirulina and chlorophyll pink from Aquatic Supplier’s out of Massachusetts.

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  1. Fred Cotterell

    Wonderful video. Gives me ideas for our tank. 🙂


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