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Gabe's Videos

Look at the transformation over a two week period. The Glossostigma is rooting quite well and spreading throughout the foreground.

This is where 3 of the 5 show tanks will be set up. Two are already up the third will ha more if a driftwood theme. The other two are going to be plant displays. Here you can see the 5 bubble counters

Planted discus tank with Finnex Monster Ray color enhancing LED.

Young pair of Striated Red spawning on a pvc pipe.

Give the discus a good home and a good environment and nature will take its course. Tank has been up for two weeks and this is the second pair we have to pull. A third pair is already forming. With all the places to lay her eggs, look at where she decided it was best. Enjoy

Incredible results with the set up. Beautiful when everything works ad it should. This proves the importance of proper lighting, fertilizers,substrates and CO2. Nowadays success is made simple.

Remaining plants arrived today and Eduardo Jaramillo came by to finish his work of art. Once tank clears up I will make another video of the finished product

Full tour of the hatchery. Here you can see all the different strains of discus we have available for all our clients around the world.