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Red Phantom Tetras

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Red Phantom Tetras are a Red and Silver colored (phantom color) addition to any planted community tank. They are healthy tetras that are great schooling fish.

These are very healthy and active Red Phantom Tetras. They make a wonderful addition to a Discus Community Tank.

These Red Phantsom Tetras are easy to feed, as this fish is an omnivore. In the wild, it feeds on insects, micro-crustaceans and plants. In captivity, you can easily feed it live, frozen or dry food. Finally, for this type of fish, the secret to good nutrition is in the variety of menus on offer! Very gregarious, this fish absolutely needs the presence of its congeners (other Red Phantom Tetras) to live properly. A group of at least 10 fish is recommended for the proper maintenance of this species. Thus, they express a more natural behaviour and much more intense colours.  A hierarchy will set up in the group, the males continually seeking to attract the attention of the females. In a well-planted aquarium in which he feels safe, he is quite active but remains very peaceful. This peaceful fish does not pose any particular cohabitation problems and can live in a community aquarium without difficulty.


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