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Red Tail Hemiodus Tetra

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These Red Tail Hemiodus Tetras have a silver body with sharp red tail. They also go well with rainbowfish, Discus, Bala Sharks and Angelfish.

According to Aquadiction World  “These fish are a relatively peaceful, skittish, shoaling fish that can be quite timid. When put in a single species aquarium, they are best kept in groups of at least ten or more individuals, and should only be kept in well-established aquariums.

In the community tank, they can be kept in a more extensive Amazon biotope set up in small groups with peaceful, similarly-sized fish. They also go well with rainbowfish, Discus, Bala Sharks and Angelfish. It would be best if you did not house them with much smaller species.

Because these Tetras require pristine water quality compared to other fish and are sensitive to poor water conditions, they are not recommended for beginner aquarists. You will be required to do regular partial water changes, and you will need a large tank as these fish do not do well in small aquariums.

The Red Tail Hemiodus Tetra has a strong body that is slightly flattened on the sides with a deeply forked tail. Their body colour is silvery with greenish tones, and they display a black band that starts in the middle of their body and ends at the lower edge of the caudal fin. An intense red strip directly below the black bar on the lower edge of the caudal fin sets the fish off.”

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