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Turquoise Rainbow Fish

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Turquoise Rainbowfish have a brilliant blue body with a slightly prominent dorsal fin. They are a schooling fish and can do very well in smaller groups of 3-4.

According to Fish In Aquarium, Turquoise Rainbowfish is one of the most famous freshwater fish species, which are only found in Lake Kutubu and its outlet of southern Papua New Guinea, located in the Southern Highlands.

Also known by its scientific name, Melanotaenia Lacustris, Turquoise Rainbowfish is very popular for its unique body type. The body of these fishes is quite long and tends to deepen as soon as they age. The unique characteristics of this fish are that the head of an older male Turquoise Rainbowfish is not at all going to follow the round contouring lines of its body. Instead, it will come up with a much narrower and triangular head. These fishes usually have a cobalt blue or a teal tone from the top, which tends to fade into a green, silver, or yellow color at the bottom area.

Beginning from the rear portion of their tail, Turquoise Rainbowfish usually have a thin cobalt blue stripe, which tends to disappear near the mid-portion of their body.

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