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German Ram

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These German Rams have amazing colors of blue, red, black and yellow. Perfect tank mates for your discus or community tank.
The German blue ram is a stunning and unique fish that will add beauty and personality to your freshwater aquarium. With its bright blue and orange coloration, it is sure to be a standout among your other aquatic pets. These small fish are native to the Orinoco and Amazon river basins in South America, and are known for their peaceful nature and social behavior. They enjoy swimming in schools and interacting with other fish in the tank, making them a great choice for community aquariums.
In addition to their beauty, German blue rams are also easy to care for. They are a hardy species that can adapt to a range of water conditions and are relatively resistant to common fish diseases. They are omnivorous and will readily accept a variety of prepared and live foods, making it easy to provide them with a balanced diet.
Whether you are a seasoned fishkeeper or new to the hobby, the German blue ram is a delightful and rewarding pet that is sure to bring joy to your home. With their bright colors, playful nature, and ease of care, it is no wonder that these fish are so popular among aquarists.
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