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Albino Red Panda “Never Pepper Panda”

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The fiery streaks of this “Never Pepper Panda” Albino Red Panda will ignite the passion for Discus in anyone who sees it. Careful breeding has ensured that these fish will never be marred by the spots that detracted from their predecessors. instead, only bright colors will flash around your tank as this majestic creature swims merrily on his way.

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1 review for Albino Red Panda “Never Pepper Panda”

  1. David Torres (verified owner)

    I ordered this beautiful discus over the winter and forgot to give a review, this is a very beautiful discus and it’s doing very well in my 150g Xtra high tank with a 40 breeder sump I made that holds a constant 30 gallons of water at all times…I highly recommend this discus and jack wattley discus…thank you Gabe..

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