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New 130 Gallon Show Tank

We are setting up a 130 gallon show tank in the Pacific Northwest. These discus arrived about four hours before this video was taken. We shipped them on a Monday, and they were picked up at the airport in Washington on Tuesday. Here they are after their first meal. If...

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Pigeon Blood With Spots

Why Pigeon Bloods Discus Have Spots (aka Soy Sauce)? Here at Wattley Discus, clients often ask me why their pigeon bloods get black spots especially on the head and fins. They believe their discus have some kind of disease or Ick. The Pigeon Discus does not disease or...

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Shipping Discus Fish

With Airport To Airport Service, We Guarantee Shipping Discus Fish…One low fee of $65.00 Airport to Airport or $15.00 within the state of Florida…Watch and see why we stand by our shipping with a refund or replacement policy.

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Mixing Wild Discus With Hybrids

My clients here at Wattley Discus have been telling me that they hear through online forums that wild discus should not be mixed with hybrids. For years my faithful clients who know about our discus fish for sale, have mixed wilds and hybrids and have completely enjoyed the beauty which both have to offer with no adverse effects.

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Leave Us A Review

If Jack Wattley Discus has been of service to you in any way would you please leave us a review?  Also, after leaving your review If you could post that on any of our social review pages we would be most grateful! While we often have the very best prices on our discus...

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