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Discus Bullying and Aggression

When does Discus Aggression or Discus Bullying take place and what can you do to reduce it?

There is a “King Of The Hill” behavior that’s going to happen immediately when people receive our discus and place them into the tank. Once the fish calms down, relaxes, and once they relieve themselves from the stress of the trip, they immediately start creating their own pecking order.

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How We Do A Water Change

Today we are going to talk about what it takes for us to do a water change here at our hatchery. We have developed a very simple system that allows us to change the water in all of our tanks simultaneously, and move 6,000 gallons of water, in and out, in a matter of two hours and fifteen minutes.

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How We Bag Our Discus For Shipping

Today we are going to talk about how we bag our tropical discus for transportation, whether that be by UPS or air. We explain the unique precautions we take to ensure your fish arrive in your tank alive and well. People always ask us, “How is it that you can send live fish in the mail?” Well, we finally show you here.

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How To Make Quality Beefheart Discus Food

In this article we are finally going to be making the beef heart formula. For this recipe, we’re going to be using a whole cow heart that weighs two and a half pounds with all the fat on it (weight is variable but the bigger the better). Other ingredients that we will be using are fresh salmon, 10 ounces of spinach, about eight cloves of garlic, six ounces of krill meal and six multivitamins.

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The Breeding Process Here At The Hatchery

We’re going to give you water parameters, temperatures, pH, the whole nine yards, and at the same time show you the conditions that the fish have and where they’re laying the eggs and how the eggs hatching, and how they breeding pairs actually take care of their babies, so welcome aboard and enjoy.

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